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Tips on How to Remove Red Hair Dye even Permanent!


Removing Hair Dye from your hair is a hassle once you don the colors. If you are one to follow the endless trail of fashion and trends, you know the struggle you have once the trend goes out of style. Not only the clothes you wear and the make-up and hairstyle, the thing that most of us have done following the trend is dying our hair. From vibrant colors like- purple, green, blue and red to warm colors like-lavender, blonde and brown, we have all once in our lifetime colored our hair.

While some of us prefer taking professional help while coloring our hair, most of us prefer doing the simple process of hair coloring at the comfort of our own house. For most of us it worked out really well and we love the new hair color, but some of us are not that lucky and we tend to not like how the color turned out. Other times when we have colored our hair and as time passes the color fades and the once beautiful shades of color turns to lifeless and dull hues that we would love to get rid of. Or there are situations when we leave the bleach or color too long and we end up with the unexpected result!

Removing Hair Dye, Even Permanent!

Although the popular belief that we cannot entirely remove hair dye from our hair, we do have the option to change our hair color from dark to light or even achieve the similar shade that we used to have before. The struggle remains that most of us have no idea how to remove the dye from your hair. So here we are with the solution; Tips and Tricks on how to remove hair dye from your hair.

We went through the internet and researched about the process of removing hair dye from our hair. Because it is believed that red color is the most vibrant and one of the hardest colors to remove from hair, we decided to go through with the process of removal of red hair dye from the hair. After throrough search, we came up with these solutions for you. So if you want to completely get rid of your red hair dye, follow the steps below!

1. Dish Washing Liquid

I guess most of us have heard of this method before. Apparently, dish washing soaps or any other sulfate containing shampoo would do the trick to lighten the hair color. For this method, simply use your dish soap or any sulfate shampoo you have lying around in the house as a shampoo. Rinse off well and use conditioner or a hair treatment cream after the process as the hair tends to get more tangly and rough because of the harsh chemical in the soap. We recommend trying this method as soon as possible as this works best when applied soon after your hair is dyed. Repeat this method as per needed and you can see that after each wash, the color will start to fade.

2. Vitamin C

Vitamin C is one of the main components that can help you accelerate the speed of fading your hair dye. You can find a ton of products infused with vitamin C including shampoos of different kinds that you can use to lighten your hair dye. For a more drastic result, try getting yourself those Vitamin C pills that you can mix with your shampoo to lather with.

Take about 20-30 tablets of Vitamin C and grind it into powder form. Mix with your shampoo and use that to lather your hair with. Leave it on for about an hour or two before washing it off. You can use this method as needed and can stop whenever you like the color you have.

3. At-Home Reversal Kit

Another method you can try to remove the red hair dye is for you to get one of those At-home color correcting kit. It usually consists of a liquid solution that you can apply to your hair and leave it for a certain period of time. But usually leaving it on for too long causes you to lose even your natural hair color along with the color pigments of the artificial dye. So unless you are absolutely sure about what you are doing, we recommend you try out other methods first.

4. Hair Bleach

For this method, we probably recommend you visit a salon. Although the popular belief that for removing hair dye color you need the extreme hair bleach treatment, you can just simply get yourself a hair lightening treatment that causes less damage to the hair. It is also less expensive than having your hair bleached out to absolute damage. And even though you can find bleach at every other drugstore, we highly recommend that you visit a salon for this purpose as this method requires the attention of a professional.

5. Epsom Salt and Baking Soda

If you dyed your hair with semi-permanent color than you should definitely try this method out. Epsom Salt and Baking soda come in a combined form of bath salts that you can use to rinse out in. While taking a soak you can dip your hair into the solution as well. The color slowly strips off your hair and you will have your natural hair shade back in no time. However, this method does not work if you have used permanent hair dyes to dye your hair with.

6. Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

Although this method does not completely rinse out the color all at one go, it rips off the color pigment helping the fading process. But if you use it soon after dying your hair, it works best. It works by washing away the pigments before it sets in. For complete removing of hair dye from the hair try to wash off the pigments right after coloring and once you decide that the color is not right.

7. Hot Oil Treatment

One of the best ways of removing hair dye from hair is to get yourself the hot oil treatments. You can easily find one that works for you in the market or any drugstore. Just follow the instructions and apply it to your hair. Cover your hair with a towel and leave it there for about an hour. You will see the color pigments fall out while rinsing it off. And on top of that, your hair will not be exposed to any damages instead, it will get the effective nourishment instead. You will have your natural hair shade after the repetition of once or twice of the treatment depending on the severity of your hair color. In addition, your hair will be left absolutely soft and nourished.

Try out all these methods for hair color removal and find out the one that works best for you. Do tell us what method you tried and which one worked for you! If you have any more of the methods of removing hair dye from the hair, do let us know what we missed out!

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