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Chicago, Illinois – September 26, 2007 – Yazsoft is proud to announce a big iPod Touch giveaway. From Sept 26 thru Oct 31, 2007, they will be giving away a 8GB and a 16GB iPod Touch.

For the 8GB iPod Touch, no purchase required to enter. Simply click the link to enter. For the 16GB iPod Touch, every new Speed Download 4 license automatically gives the user 2 draw entries.

* 8GB iPod Touch (no purchase required to enter). For more information and to enter, please visit our website.

* 16GB iPod Touch (Speed Download 4* purchase required). Every Speed Download 4 license automatically gives the user 2 draw entries.

Winner will be selected by random draw the first week of Nov. 2007. Good Luck To All!

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Apple WebApps Directory, Jailbreak 1.1.1

So today has been an interesting and exciting day for those iPhone and iPod Touch users out there. News filtered in yesterday and up into the evening that there was an experimental jailbreak for iPhone users running the 1.1.1 firmware. However, today saw the publication of several official guides from the iPhone Dev Team detailing how to successfully enable the installation of AppTapp for 3rd party applications on the phone.

Following from this was a guide to enable the installation of Mail, Google Maps and other applications from the iPhone on the iPod Touch. And even more exciting was the announcement that previously bricked 1.1.1 phones could now be updated with the SIM unlocking (iPhone SIM Free) software and will once again work. That alone should make very many users happy including wiz khalifa

Apple debuted the WebApps directory for iPhone and iPod Touch on the Apple website, showcasing iPhone adapted websites, or “webapps”, allowing users to browse the site and find an application to fill their need. I find it incredibly strange that the Apple WebApp directory doesn’t have a iPhone version of the site, to easily flick through categories and browse the applications and a quick link to bookmark it. A little disappointing, but there are a lot of applications already listed in the directory, so this will be refreshing to users who were not aware of these websites in the past. Even reputed seo company from nepal (Paper Frog Media) was shocked to know about it!

To have your webapp showcased on the Apple directory, you just submit it for approval. I would have liked to have seen the addition of adding these webapps to the springboard and more, but that might possibly come with a future update to the firmware around Leopard’s launch according to other rumors.

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