How To Grow Your Hair Faster-10 Tips To Grow Your Hair Faster


In an attempt to follow the trend and fashion every day, how many of us have made the mistake of chopping off our long locks? In fact, how many of us have had the wish to have those long luscious mermaid-length hair but we never could achieve it? Believe us, we all know the feeling of having hundreds of screenshots of hair goals that we dream to achieve but our hesitant and stubborn hair just does not seem to be interested.

We have tried countless treatments and hair serums but to no avail. Instead, we even went to the extreme and got ourselves extensions. But to be honest, nothing beats the feeling of having our own thick, full, shiny and long hair. And so here we are, after trying most of the treatments for ourselves, a number of failures and yet here we are today, writing this article! So for all of those who wish to have their hair full grown and healthy, here are some tips and tricks you can use to achieve your hair goals that actually work! Some of these take a bit more time than others but don’t hesitate to try it all and tell us which one worked the best for you!

Some of these take a bit more time than others but don’t hesitate to try it all and tell us which one worked the best for you! But a fair warning, your hair won’t go from a pixie to a long hair in just a day, it takes effort and patience. All of these methods are tested and are meant to accelerate the process of hair growth from its normal growth time.

1. Castor Oil

Castor oil is rich in vitamin E as well as the essential fatty acid like omega-9 which helps in hair growth naturally. However be sure to make a mixture with castor oil with equal amount of other oils like- coconut, olive or even almond oil to massage your hair with. Or else, you will be left with the horrible essence and smell of the castor oil which you obviously do not want. You also have the option to mix it with essential oils like- rosemary, peppermint or even lavender or thyme oil just to reduce the viciousness of it.

Massage your hair with the mixture every so often, 30-45 minutes before you shower. The natural ingredients in the castor oil help make your hair healthy which essentially helps with the hair growth process.

2. Egg Mask

The egg is rich in protein and contains other essential nutrients like iron, zinc, and sulfur which promotes faster hair growth. To apply an egg mask, simply whisk off some eggs in a bowl and add the essential oils of your liking. Apply to your hair for 30-40 minutes and wash it off with shampoo and conditioner. Use the method 2-3 times each week to promote a more faster hair growth.

3. Rosemary

Rosemary is one of the most effective herbs for faster hair growth because of its hair follicles stimulating properties. You can find fresh rosemary to soak in water for 10-15 minutes and using the same water to final rinse your hair after shampooing. Or you also have the option to find the essential oil to apply to your hair before shampooing. Either way, rosemary is an effective solution to induce faster hair growth.

4. Vitamin and Herbal Supplement

For a healthy hair, a healthy diet is a must. Therefore, to induce faster hair growth, you can use a variety of vitamin rich supplements rich in biotin, fish oil, folic acid as well as flaxseed.

All of these contains the necessary elements required for a healthy as well as long locks. However, before taking any of the supplements do consult with your doctor or physician to confirm a specific dosage per day.

5. Aloe Vera

Along with hair growth, it is also important to maintain a healthy hair. Often times, breakage and split end become the main obstacle for hair growth. So to avoid this, you can apply the natural Aloe vera gel to your hair for 2-3 times a week. Make sure to apply all over your hair and leave it for 20-30 minutes before washing it off. Aloe vera helps to maintain the natural shine of your hair as well as helps prevent dandruff and hair loss. You also have the option to drink a lot of aloe vera juice to keep your hair healthy and shiny.

6. Use Conditioner and treatments

For a more healthier hair, opt for products that suit your hair. Experiment with different products before choosing the one that is right for you. After each time you shampoo, be sure to use a conditioner. When choosing a conditioner, choose the one with herbal extracts that will help with hair growth as well as other hair benefits. Conditioner helps to revive your hair from the damages that you cause with styling, coloring, heat as well as pollution thus making your locks more luscious and healthy over time which promotes hair growth.

7. Green Tea

Green tea is enriched with polyphenols as well as anti-inflammatory elements which are the natural hair growth essentials. Drinking green tea on a regular basis helps not only in enriching your hair but it also has it’s other health benefits.

Except for drinking your green tea, you can mix the essence to your shampoo or you can use the green tea to rinse your hair after you shampoo. The elements in green tea will not only promote your hair growth, but it will bring out your natural shine as well as keeps your hair healthy.

8. Cold Water

After you shower, rinse out your hair thoroughly with cold hair. Most preferably try and wash your entire hair with cold water if you can. The reason to use cold water is that it helps smoothen out the outer layer of hair more evenly. This prevents moisture loss and also heat damages. And as we have probably mentioned before, healthy hair equals to longer and thicker hair.

9. Satin Pillowcases

If you have the pillowcases made out of cotton, ditch all of them out immediately. Instead try a fabric smoother like silk or satin. It helps decrease the friction caused by cotton fabric and causes very fewer tangles. Fewer tangles mean less hair fall, thus creating much faster result in your hair growth.

10. Massage Your Scalp

Make a habit of brushing your hair daily before you go to sleep. This way, you help distribute the hairs natural oil onto the scalp evenly. This method also helps massage and improve the circulation of the roots. Although we recommend brushing your hair on a daily basis, we would suggest going light handed and just a few brushstrokes enough to massage your hair and not cause extra friction.

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Tips on How to Remove Red Hair Dye even Permanent!


Removing Hair Dye from your hair is a hassle once you don the colors. If you are one to follow the endless trail of fashion and trends, you know the struggle you have once the trend goes out of style. Not only the clothes you wear and the make-up and hairstyle, the thing that most of us have done following the trend is dying our hair. From vibrant colors like- purple, green, blue and red to warm colors like-lavender, blonde and brown, we have all once in our lifetime colored our hair.

While some of us prefer taking professional help while coloring our hair, most of us prefer doing the simple process of hair coloring at the comfort of our own house. For most of us it worked out really well and we love the new hair color, but some of us are not that lucky and we tend to not like how the color turned out. Other times when we have colored our hair and as time passes the color fades and the once beautiful shades of color turns to lifeless and dull hues that we would love to get rid of. Or there are situations when we leave the bleach or color too long and we end up with the unexpected result!

Removing Hair Dye, Even Permanent!

Although the popular belief that we cannot entirely remove hair dye from our hair, we do have the option to change our hair color from dark to light or even achieve the similar shade that we used to have before. The struggle remains that most of us have no idea how to remove the dye from your hair. So here we are with the solution; Tips and Tricks on how to remove hair dye from your hair.

We went through the internet and researched about the process of removing hair dye from our hair. Because it is believed that red color is the most vibrant and one of the hardest colors to remove from hair, we decided to go through with the process of removal of red hair dye from the hair. After throrough search, we came up with these solutions for you. So if you want to completely get rid of your red hair dye, follow the steps below!

1. Dish Washing Liquid

I guess most of us have heard of this method before. Apparently, dish washing soaps or any other sulfate containing shampoo would do the trick to lighten the hair color. For this method, simply use your dish soap or any sulfate shampoo you have lying around in the house as a shampoo. Rinse off well and use conditioner or a hair treatment cream after the process as the hair tends to get more tangly and rough because of the harsh chemical in the soap. We recommend trying this method as soon as possible as this works best when applied soon after your hair is dyed. Repeat this method as per needed and you can see that after each wash, the color will start to fade.

2. Vitamin C

Vitamin C is one of the main components that can help you accelerate the speed of fading your hair dye. You can find a ton of products infused with vitamin C including shampoos of different kinds that you can use to lighten your hair dye. For a more drastic result, try getting yourself those Vitamin C pills that you can mix with your shampoo to lather with.

Take about 20-30 tablets of Vitamin C and grind it into powder form. Mix with your shampoo and use that to lather your hair with. Leave it on for about an hour or two before washing it off. You can use this method as needed and can stop whenever you like the color you have.

3. At-Home Reversal Kit

Another method you can try to remove the red hair dye is for you to get one of those At-home color correcting kit. It usually consists of a liquid solution that you can apply to your hair and leave it for a certain period of time. But usually leaving it on for too long causes you to lose even your natural hair color along with the color pigments of the artificial dye. So unless you are absolutely sure about what you are doing, we recommend you try out other methods first.

4. Hair Bleach

For this method, we probably recommend you visit a salon. Although the popular belief that for removing hair dye color you need the extreme hair bleach treatment, you can just simply get yourself a hair lightening treatment that causes less damage to the hair. It is also less expensive than having your hair bleached out to absolute damage. And even though you can find bleach at every other drugstore, we highly recommend that you visit a salon for this purpose as this method requires the attention of a professional.

5. Epsom Salt and Baking Soda

If you dyed your hair with semi-permanent color than you should definitely try this method out. Epsom Salt and Baking soda come in a combined form of bath salts that you can use to rinse out in. While taking a soak you can dip your hair into the solution as well. The color slowly strips off your hair and you will have your natural hair shade back in no time. However, this method does not work if you have used permanent hair dyes to dye your hair with.

6. Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

Although this method does not completely rinse out the color all at one go, it rips off the color pigment helping the fading process. But if you use it soon after dying your hair, it works best. It works by washing away the pigments before it sets in. For complete removing of hair dye from the hair try to wash off the pigments right after coloring and once you decide that the color is not right.

7. Hot Oil Treatment

One of the best ways of removing hair dye from hair is to get yourself the hot oil treatments. You can easily find one that works for you in the market or any drugstore. Just follow the instructions and apply it to your hair. Cover your hair with a towel and leave it there for about an hour. You will see the color pigments fall out while rinsing it off. And on top of that, your hair will not be exposed to any damages instead, it will get the effective nourishment instead. You will have your natural hair shade after the repetition of once or twice of the treatment depending on the severity of your hair color. In addition, your hair will be left absolutely soft and nourished.

Try out all these methods for hair color removal and find out the one that works best for you. Do tell us what method you tried and which one worked for you! If you have any more of the methods of removing hair dye from the hair, do let us know what we missed out!

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101 Long Hairstyles You Need In Your Life Right Now!


Long hairstyles have been around for long, and as the years go by, they are becoming popular. With each year that goes by, we hear about the Rapunzel story, and we fall in love with the idea of long hair. Young women also love the idea of long curls. With so many short hairstyles around, we want to make you try out these long ones for a change. They can take time and also be a bit hard in the first phase. When you start to keep your hair growing, this is the way to start up. You can choose the hair extension of the length you want to see how it will suit you.

If you have always fantasized about having long hair, you want to try on any of these hairstyles. They are fabulous, and we are sure you will learn to work with them as time passes by. Here we made sure to collect the styles that get you an added advantage of being able to look cute and sexy! You can choose the ones that give you the most satisfaction. It can make you feel right at times to have so much hair to play with.

Here are the best styles of long hairstyles you can try for the year 2020.

Hairstyles for long hair you can try this season

Hairstyles for Long hair have been around, and now is the time you need to jump into this trend. You can check your favorite celeb wearing them and get the same for you this year. When the long hair flow through as you move on with your day. The process surely is long, and you need to wait before your hair grows out. But if you want to give yourself a look without much work, opt for the wigs and hair extensions. They can give you the hair of your choice without making it too visible.

We are in love with the idea of these hairstyles, and we are sure this will be the case for you as well. In any case, if you were looking for a chance of a haircut, this is the number one thing to try. Long hair looks luscious and has this feminine vibe to it that we all adore. There are models on Instagram that can show off these stunning styles to you. When they keep their long hair looking like a fairytale, we fall in love all over again. Check out what you need from this collection and head on to the salon to get that cut and shape down today!

Teens and the love of long hair

There are many teenagers out there, and they are all in love with these long hairstyles. There are young celebs who are inspiring these women to grow out their hair. That is a hard task for some people who do not have the genes for it. You can get the same without waiting for your locks to grow. Taking the time to nourish your body and your hair can be the way to give your hair the chance to lengthen. You can make the hair growing process go faster with constant hair oiling and treatment. Deep conditioners can give your hair the needed boost of vitamins and moisture it needs to get your hair in good condition.

When you do that, your hair can grow well and add to the movement and body to the hair. There is much you can do with the hair once you have the time and liberty to take care of it. And in the case that you cannot get these methods to work, there are always alternatives to that. Meaning you can add on some wigs and hair extensions. You can also go for Indique hair extensions and look through their website to see what options you have. Check the types of natural hair out there and the colors and textures you get, then you can purchase one.

Casual everyday wear long hairstyles

Do you need a hairstyle that can look good when you have to leave the house in a hurry? Or do you need it to look great every day without any special work done on them? Whatever the matter might be, these hairstyles are the way to go. They can be turned into braids, and they can also be made into any look of your choice. You can see how they will work out when you need it the most. There are some stylists who have changed the way we look at long hair. They have made way for everyone to love the idea of such hair.

Women of all ages and tastes have loved such hairstyles, and they have made it a point to share that with everyone else. You can alter the course of your hair and the life you lead with the changes you make. There is nothing you cannot do to your hair. You have the colors and textures out there and the cuts that can make you look like a queen. If you need help deciding on something, you can take these images up as references.

Colors to match with your long hairstyles

Hairstyles are all about the cuts and the colors we have on them. They become a part of our life and our personality, and thus we only want the best look on for us. If you check the ways in which you can pump up your hair, this is the first one to follow. The colors can have a significant impact on the way you look. The right choice can make you look like a dream, and the wrong one can make you want to hide under the bed for a long time. It is all about the way we see ourselves once we color it.

So we are bringing the collection of long hairstyles with colors that are best to choose this year. The blonde shades were always the first choice for women of all ages. They seem to be one stunning color that never goes out of trend. But we are looking for new things you can try out. The purples and reds are becoming a new love among women. With so many artists trying on these colors, it has become a massive trend for youngsters to follow. You will look gorgeous each day as you move along with the hairstyles like this. There is no way you can miss these sharp and bright hues in women this year!

How to get long hairstyles for you?

Now comes the most important part of the whole article. You can see these gorgeous styles, and you can see how they are done, but how do you get it for yourself is the question. As we said, there are ways you can try for long hair. Eating right and setting yourself up to feel good is one way.

You also need to keep the balances in check with your vitamins. There are things you need to consider before getting your hair on long looks. If you want, you can also keep the hair extensions on and make yourself feel good. They are easy and not expensive as well. You can order off the internet and get it as soon as possible.

Hair extensions and their role in long hairstyles

Hair extensions have become a big thing nowadays. They are widely used by ladies in the show business, but they are also being worn by ladies generally. The added volume and the length in all of this make the best hairstyles possible. You can pay attention to the way the hair is blow-dried by your stylist. You can then try to make it your daily routine to follow the same. If you think it is hard to get the results back home, we assure you, you can do so easily. There is nothing that cannot be done with enough practice.

You can suggest your stylist the same hairstyle and get it for you when you head out. They can give your hair an added oomph when you get them styled and cut professionally. You can make them respect your wishes and give you a look that everyone desires. We have made this collection, keeping in mind the look that has been worn by multiple celebs and stars. Since they have a styler, you can be sure that their styles are the ones to follow. So if you can spare the time, buy these hair extensions, and you will be fine.

The cuts and styles to try with long hairstyles

A haircut can be a hard decision to make for many. They are daunting because they can be the best thing you do or the worst one. If your salon artist gives you a good cut, half the work is done right there. You can see how your hair looks with the different texture, and it will boost you up. The best thing to do when you have long hairstyles is to get your hair in layers. They can add the needed puff to the hair, making it look thick and luscious. You can see that happen in front of your eyes when the finer sections are made.

Once the layering is done, you can get a volume in your locks that you have never seen before. So make sure to trust someone who can give you that perfect, precise cut. Add on the colors as you please, and you are set to enjoy the look. After the initial coloring and cutting, you will need to style them as you want n the days that follow. When you do that, you can look perfect each day and get yourself the wonderful feeling of being stunning. Here are a lot of ideas for you to choose from, so make the right call, and you are sure to impress everyone!

What is trending with long hairstyles

You can see a lot of long hairstyles with layers, and they are a big trend right now. If you search for long hairstyles 2019, you will come across thousands of images for the same. We know that this look will rule all styles in the current year as well. So what are you waiting for? Get yourself this look with the subtle style and beautiful colors. Another trend that seems to be taking over the internet is the use of some vibrant hues on the hair. The best trend for you to get the same to keep up with the fashionable ladies on the magazine covers.

Models and celebs are flaunting the same shades everywhere, and we want you to have a look too. They are beautiful, and that is why we wish ladies of all ages to try out these hairstyles. Long hairstyles are lovely, and we are all looking forward to trying it this year. It has caught on with the times, and teens love the look. You can see how they are showing off long, tangle-free, and shiny hair on various social media platforms. They can look lovely on you as well. So leave the self-doubt on the shelf at home and try out this look this year. Experimentation is the way to keep yourself feeling happy.

Celebs and their long hairstyles

We are all always following our favorite celebs. We keep tabs on what they are wearing and how they are accessorizing and how their hair is looking. They make the style, and we tend to follow over them with all the passion in the world. You can see celebs with their long hairstyles throughout the collection here. As perfection seeps in, we are always in the lookout to get the same for ourselves. So we kept the hairstyles and their best looks here. You can copy them, or you can also tweak it up to give yourself a new hairdo.

There is nothing more precious than getting your hair done and looking the best you can. If there is something that can make you feel like a heroine, this is it. No need to wonder about the new things on the market, you can take this style and make it yours. There is so much flexibility when it comes to styling your hair. That is the liberty with these long hairstyles. If you are looking for a change in style and be able to make any hairdo of your call, get this look. If you cannot get your hair to grow, you can also add on some hair extensions and call it a day. The colors and textures are beautiful on all of these wigs too.

The romantic and the sweet looks

Hairstyles have a way of making you look beautiful. There are different themes you can play with when you have these hairdos on you. We love how long hairstyles can be made to look sexy. If you search for haircuts for long hair 2019, you will see how they can make your face look stunning. The hair can frame your face and also give you a chiseled look. You are in the right place if you are looking for ways to get your hair settled down. Colored hair also has a different appeal to it. You can explore it all in this section of our article.

Shaggy hairstyles are beautiful, too, if you are willing to make that change. You can see how they look on ladies here. If you add curls and waves on the hair, you can get the hair to look romantic and sexy. When the celebs head on to the red carpet events, they always get the big, voluminous look. It accentuates the curve on the body and the bone structure on the face as well. So that is why it has become one of the most loved styles of all time. They can also look to be romantic so you can try it out for a date night! Get a hair curler, and it will be the hair you wear each day.

The sexy look with long hairstyles

You need to make sure that the layers you add on the hair are of your choice. They can be the best thing you try as it makes a face look smaller. It can keep the chiseled element on your face. You can get your cheekbones to do all the work for you as the short layers fall on top. Here you can see how to keep your hair subtle and settled. All you need is to learn how to style your locks. The process starts by using some heatless or heated methods of hair curling. We are sure you will love the locks as you keep them coiled up.

And if you want to make your hair the best thing on your face, try adding on some highlights. The blonde hues work great on the dark hair and give it that needed dimension. In case you do not know how to do it yourself, you can ask your stylist to do it for you. Many tools on the market can assist you with coloring your hair at home. So we suggest you buy them and get the best out of them when there is time. It can save you some cash and also make you look polished and pretty for the rest of the days!

Perfect for all occasion

The thing about getting any hairstyle is that it makes us worried about how we can style it for different occasions. If you have short hair, you are concerned about how you can style your hair for a special event. You cannot get your locks on a nice bun. You can do anything you can do with long hair, and we love that freedom. If you are not sure of those options, look here! We keep the collection of our hairstyles here with all the needed cuts and colors. The best way to keep them looking stunning is to put your hair on a bun.

If you are going to a wedding, you want curls and twists and braids as well. So you can do that and much more with the long hair. You can braid the fronts and place them on the back. Twist them up and secure them at the back. When it is done, you can add some flowery accessories and complete the look. Here we compiled the ideas of long hairstyles that can fit the versatile taste of all women. If you have layered hair, it can make it a bit tough on you to style it yourself. In that case, you can get a hair styler and try to add some texture. Try overnight curlers, and they will be perfect when you let them out in the morning.

As we come to an end here, we are sure you have enough ideas about long hairstyles. They can be perfect for any day and give you any mood. If there is something you want to try with long, thick hair, this is the way to do it. Here we made sure to present the styles for women of all ages and styles. They are looking fabulous on these models, and we are sure they are going to look great on you too. You have to trust yourself and make the best of what you have. Take the time to get the look that you can be proud of.

This collection here has the best things one can ask for from a look. There is no way to get the look with long hairstyles and regret it. We are sure you will love to make this your everyday style. When you cut it in layers, it will make it look better. The volume added on to the hair can give you a beautiful look. The puff on the hair will make you look beautiful and give your hair some thickness. Try on these hairstyles, and we are sure you will be looking like a diva each morning!

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Enter to Win a Free iPod Touch


Chicago, Illinois – September 26, 2007 – Yazsoft is proud to announce a big iPod Touch giveaway. From Sept 26 thru Oct 31, 2007, they will be giving away a 8GB and a 16GB iPod Touch.

For the 8GB iPod Touch, no purchase required to enter. Simply click the link to enter. For the 16GB iPod Touch, every new Speed Download 4 license automatically gives the user 2 draw entries.

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Winner will be selected by random draw the first week of Nov. 2007. Good Luck To All!

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Apple WebApps Directory, Jailbreak 1.1.1

So today has been an interesting and exciting day for those iPhone and iPod Touch users out there. News filtered in yesterday and up into the evening that there was an experimental jailbreak for iPhone users running the 1.1.1 firmware. However, today saw the publication of several official guides from the iPhone Dev Team detailing how to successfully enable the installation of AppTapp for 3rd party applications on the phone.

Following from this was a guide to enable the installation of Mail, Google Maps and other applications from the iPhone on the iPod Touch. And even more exciting was the announcement that previously bricked 1.1.1 phones could now be updated with the SIM unlocking (iPhone SIM Free) software and will once again work. That alone should make very many users happy including wiz khalifa

Apple debuted the WebApps directory for iPhone and iPod Touch on the Apple website, showcasing iPhone adapted websites, or “webapps”, allowing users to browse the site and find an application to fill their need. I find it incredibly strange that the Apple WebApp directory doesn’t have a iPhone version of the site, to easily flick through categories and browse the applications and a quick link to bookmark it. A little disappointing, but there are a lot of applications already listed in the directory, so this will be refreshing to users who were not aware of these websites in the past. Even reputed seo company from nepal (Paper Frog Media) was shocked to know about it!

To have your webapp showcased on the Apple directory, you just submit it for approval. I would have liked to have seen the addition of adding these webapps to the springboard and more, but that might possibly come with a future update to the firmware around Leopard’s launch according to other rumors.

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